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Thermory is the world’s largest manufacturer of thermally modified wood and sauna materials

Thermory boards are a stunning combination of natural beauty and enhanced function. The results of our innovative process are products that are highly rot resistant without sacrificing strength or pliability. Products with extraordinary longevity and rich, beautiful colors. Thermory thermally modified wood is suitable for interiors and exteriors, houses and, thanks to its durability, public areas, facades, decks and balconies, saunas, swimming pool areas, flooring, walls and roofs.

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Thermory Decking

How do you build the perfect floor for your outdoor space?

Our decking solutions are easy to install and provide the long-lasting comfort and visual appeal for which Thermory products are so well known. We offer a variety of durable outdoor decking solutions, including modular systems and boards with a broad selection of profiles and widths. Expand your living space and move one step closer to nature.

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Thermory Cladding

The perfect timber cladding board is durable and stable, with a flawless finish

Real wood is a uniquely cozy and beautifully textured material that carries a strong aesthetic message. Thermory offers a wide range of timber cladding boards with a variety of profiles and surface finishes. 

Wood is a versatile construction material that can be used to decorate building façades and create coziness indoors – it’s elegant, eye-catching, and functional, yet weatherproof even in the most demanding climatic conditions. Our selection of interior and exterior cladding products includes both naturally processed materials and nature-friendly boards that come coated with water-based paints. 

Our timber cladding boards undergo thermal modification, which gives them unrivaled durability and dimensional stability that runs all the way through to the core. The thermal modification process uses just heat and steam, making our products an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods and chemical treatment. 

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Thermory Interior

If you want to create a cosy interior that’s close to nature, nothing beats natural materials

Thermory’s interior products include a broad selection of timber planks with different profiles and surface finishing – everything from the true classics to more modern, eye-catching options. Anyone looking to make a statement will find some pleasant surprises waiting for them in our range, including innovative products that come with practical installation solutions.

With its beautiful color and texture it not only makes any interior instantly more cozy, but depending on the characteristics of the wood type in question, it also allows you to play with the feel of the space and the mood it generates. You can use wood to produce highly effective interior design elements on your floors, walls, ceilings, staircases, work surfaces and more. In addition to its intrinsic beauty, timber helps to strike a balance in homes and offices, bringing a softness to empty spaces and materials that would otherwise look or feel cold while offering durability and timeless elegance.

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Thermory Sauna solutions

Our broad range of wood species, profiles, and dimensions caters for a variety of styles, offering everything from standard sauna materials to distinctive products with novel designs that allow those with a bolder outlook to create a wellness space that combines convenience and practicality with striking visual features.

With a choice of natural, thermally modified, brushed, and painted wood finishes, our unrivaled range of options will ensure that you can design a sauna experience that’s just right for you. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, we also offer a wide range of ready-made elements, from wall panels and bench boards to doors and accessories.

All of this means that whatever you look for in a sauna, Thermory is the perfect choice for you.

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